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To Doc and Hanina,

To begin with you guys have CHANGED MY LIFE 360 degrees literally!! 5 years of dental schooling couldn’t have got me so much work and so much money in such  less time . It’s merely been 3 months since I’ve come back to my country and I already did 154 heads . Numerous wolf teeth and loose teeth extractions .I did face a few problems at the race tracks but I’m now concentrating on the stud farms . Got 3 yearly contracts one with roughly 200 horses and the other two 70 and 120 . Made a few mistakes at the beginning but tried to not repeat them again , learning  how to play with their psychology now , so work is getting easier . Trying to get better with each horse but I think it’s a matter of time , it happens eventually but I really wished there was someone here to judge my work . Although I keep reading about the IAED requirements and try to complete a horse in that fashion . But Il try taking good pictures to send it to you so that you can judge it for me .

All in all this is the HAPPIEST I could ever be , this is the best job in the WORLD and I couldn’t have done this if you guys didn’t have accepted me to the school . BEST DECISION EVER MADE ! I can afford a fairly luxurious life now by just doing Horse teeth! I have dropped the idea of doing human dentistry completely by the way . I have never been so confident and so independent EVER . And all this is because of YOU DOC ! I will forever be thankful to each and every instructor , Hanina for helping me out with the Visa , equipment and prompt communication  and all those who have helped me achieve this . This is the BEST SCHOOL EVER ! I can never think of making a blunder , I may not do a perfectly awesome job yet but I will definitely not make unacceptable mistakes because of your awesome teaching . ONCE AGAIN A BIG BIG THANKYOU !! Much gratitude!  Looking forward to come back to America and learn more and more .

-Regards, P.

I would like this opportunity to thank you and the school as a whole for providing me with the education, skills and resources to perform dentistry with confidence and expertise that leaves a happy horse every time I finish my work. And secondly your openness allowing us to call you when were having a challenging time and need that extra confidence builder is priceless. You know wise men say if you surround your self with positive people you will be a positive person . You and Hannina both have allowed me to succeed with the way you conduct your program and because of that I have a focus and being a disabled veteran that is difficult . I cant thank you enough your friend and student, Lincoln Barton eqdt.

-Lincoln Barton eqdt.

"Hi Doc and Hanina,
WOW... cant believe it is a year since i was in class. Hope you guys have a large class this year and I know everyone will get the best education there with you. Over a years time my business has grown and I am loving it. Everything that I learned in class has definately shown up in the day to day. I hope you both are doing great! Would love to see you both and maybe I can soon. Loved the school, and Thanks for a remarkable year!"

-Stacey Pemberton-- Georgia

"Well, thanks to you all, I not only have a son so thrilled with his new career as a Equine Dental Technician, I also have a very HAPPY special competition pony. James returned from your course absolutely full of energy - so much so there was no stopping him from pulling out the four teeth giving my pony so much pain. I have to say the transformation of both SON and PONY is incredible. Thank YOU and thanks to everyone that made this a reality for both of them.

James is now working hard in Holland mainly with international Show Jumping Horses: for those that are interested in the Dutch translation, an EDT is a "Paardentandarts"

-Debbie Payne - UK

"I have seen first hand the problems that bad teeth can cause from weight to training. Most recently, I purchased a cutting horse that had been bucking and throwing people. The previous owner had been in the emergency room several times because of this. I had the horse vet checked and was informed of her double wolf teeth. I called one of your graduates, he pulled the bad teeth, and floated her teeth. Now, even my four year old son can ride her. He also did my 5 other horses and I can see a difference." - submitted to ASED

Dear Dr Hyde & Company,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and all the other instructors and students that took such great care of my four horses this past Friday. You all were great and they all feel so much better! I look forward to seeing you all again in 6 months! Thanks again. – Tami Hawks, Powhatan, VA

Dear Dr Hyde,

It hasn’t even been one month yet and my horse Rave Review has gained so much weight that we have had to cut back a little on his feed. His ribs are now covered in flesh and fat and he looks great! Your dental work definitely improved his health and your visit definitely paid for itself, saving in wasted feed and we can’t thank you enough. Regards, Melissa Santos – Temptation Farm, Bowie, MD

Dear Doc and Hanina,

Thank you so much for the help, support and information you provided during the April 2007 course. It was greatly appreciated and every moment was very enjoyable for me.

Things here are going well. My own business is picking up gradually and I am working with Tony 2 days a week, booked up until the end of the year! In September I have my first “International” client since the school, well it’s the Isle of Wight, but it’s a start!

My first horse when I arrived back from the U.S. was a non sedated 17h2” Dutch Warm blood, 4½Years old! That was an eye opener but I survived and it gave me a great confidence boost after a few days of panic beforehand.

Thanks again, Peter Killow – United Kingdom

“Hey Dr Hyde, I have just completed work on my 125th horse! Things are going great and getting better. Work has really picked up and I am doing around 20 horses a week, sometimes more. Just traveled to New Braunfels, by San Antonio, to do 12 horses. My busiest week was around thirty horses. I really love what I do, it is great. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me. Tell your family I said 'Howdy’!

Matt - (past student June 2006)

Ray. Just a quick note to let you know how well my two girls are doing. Your coming over here on July 4th was above and beyond, and I just want to thank you for a job well done. Stitch, the old gal, is eating happily and again has spring in her step and I have you to thank for this. You are one of a kind my friend.

Kathy Glorioso

You guys are great! You came to our ranch, and worked on over a hundred horses, and we have seen a change in behavior in several of the horses. No more head tossing when our guests are riding them, and many of the older horses are in better shape now than they were before! Thanks very much, and hope to have you back again this year!

Jan Mathews of Anchor D Ranch
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